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Gypsum Board first choice in Indonesia for ceiling, wall surface, partition, wet area, fire resistant, system soundproof suited for all sorts of finishing like paint, texture, wall paper, ceramics and many again


Gypsum board  is Jaya Core wall sheathing and the ceiling, which has the durability and high level of stability.

• Economical
• Suitable for any size resolution
• Lightweight
• Easy installation
• The final result of a flat

Formerly known as Jaya Flex EasiBoard is gypsum board with a thickness of 6.5mm.
If you are looking for plasterboard ceilings / partitions the Jaya arc-Flex is the right choice.

• applications quickly and economically
• Ideal for the construction of ceilings, walls of wood, metal and bricks
• Suitable for ceiling / partition curve
• Lightweight

Gypsum board Jaya Firestop has been developed and tested specifically used for refractory applications. Also available for applications moist  areas.

• Fire Resistant
• Economical
• Lightweight
• soundproof
• Availability of a wide selection of systems

Gypsum board Jaya Wet-Area was developed specifically as a coating material for the wall / partition in the room interior with high humidity levels (max. 95% RH).

• Installation is fast and dry
• The basic ingredients for the economical application of adhesive wall tiles
• The dimensions of the stable
• Preferred connection diverse compound
• Also available in fire-resistant species (Wet-Area Fire-Stop)