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Interior Project

b.    Project Interior
i.    Drywall & Ceiling Frame
Masgo Drywall & Ceiling Frame is the oldest & the First product in Indonesia establish 1978, Many Project in Indonesia have proved the quality suitable for Indonesia, while maintenance compatible with other International Panel Standards. Strength, Quality & Easy Installation make ceiling and partition designer's IMAGINATION COME TO REALITY

Characteristic MMJ Frame System
  1. Lightweight : Combination of thickness & Profile of metal framing makes the best in strength  & lightweight of the frame. Lightweight is the important objective of every material to achieve optimum cost
  2. Corrosion Resistance : All components of  MMJ frame are made from metal material to gain benefit of fire resistance. Metal is one of the material that we can depend on for fire resistance since it will not contribute in fire condition
  3. Strength & Tested : Actual condition in ceiling & drywall can be humid caused by water particles trapping inside / water licking will makes condensation on frame material. All components of MMJ frame are galvanized coating on steel base to prevent corrosion in humid condition.
  4. Easy and Quick Installation : MMJ frame system has been exclusively designed with productivity in mind. Only normal pliers & cutter are required to install this frame
  5. Special Size : Special size is available on request, reduce the  waste of material & improve the strength by reducing Joint. The quality & cost saving will more greatly increase due to this special size request
  6. Termite Resistance : Termite & other destruction animals will not effec frame. Most buildings will suffer from destructive animals, while MMJ frame is made of steel to prevent such destruction
  7. Imagination to Reality : Our experience of the oldest & the first drywall & ceiling frame manufacture in Indonesia lead us to understand how make design ceiling & partition Imagination come to reality.  Technical team provide the designer supports to make IMAGINATION TO REALITY
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